famous Cartoon Characters Inspired From Real Characters

From small children to adults, everyone loves cartoons. The funny characters and storylines are the reason why cartoons can be so interesting. To create a cartoon character, of course, it takes inspiration to create it. There are some famous cartoon characters that were created from several characters in real life.

  1. Harris Glenn Milstead ‘Divine’ – Ursula

For those of you who are not familiar with the Ursula cartoon character, this cartoon character is an evil character from the Disney cartoon, The Little Mermaid. This evil figure has the characteristics of a fat body. long white hair. and of course a face that emits an evil aura. Do you know where the inspiration for this cartoon character came from?

Ursula’s character in The Little Mermaid, who is female, was inspired by an American actor named Harris Glenn Milstead. Harry, who is known by the nickname Divine, was a famous actor in the early 70s. It was thanks to John Waters’ films Mondo Trasho and Pink Flamingos that Divine’s name became known.

  1. Robert Ripley – Elmer Fudd

Warner Bros. is a large American company that has created many cartoon characters. One of the most famous is Elmer Fudd. A hunter who has a small body, round head and always carries a rifle. It was Elmer Fudd who became the mortal enemy of the nosy rabbit, Bugs Bunny.

Thanks to the figure of Robert Ripley, because without him, perhaps Warner Bros. will have difficulty in finding inspiration from the figure of Elmer Fudd. Born with the full name Robert LeRoy Ripley on December 25, 1890. Robert is known as a cartoonist, entrepreneur, and anthropologist. He was the one who created Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

  1. Vikki Dougan – Jessica Rabbit

If you live in the 1950s, this is the golden era of Vikki Dougan. Who is this Vikki Dougan? Vikki Dougan is a model as well as a famous artist in the 50s era. This woman became the lover of Frank Sinatra. Not only beautiful, Vikki has a body that is considered sexy at that time.

Being a symbol of beautiful women in the 50s, Vikki Dougan is a figure who became the inspiration of the cartoon character Jessica Rabbit. Jessica Rabbit created by Gary K. Wolf is a fictional character in the cartoon, Who Framed Roger Rabbit. If you are curious about the figure of Vikki Dougan, just look at Jessica Rabbit.

  1. Alyssa Milano – Little Mermaid

Previously, he had mentioned one of the cartoon characters in the Disney cartoon, The Little Mermaid, namely Ursula. If Ursula is a bad character, then the good character is Ariel. Ariel, who is both a good character and the main character in The Little Mermaid, is a cartoon character created by 2 people, namely John Musker and Ron Clements.

The figure of Ariel is suspected by many to be a cartoon character inspired by Sherri Lynn Stoner, an American actress and writer. In fact, the figure who actually became the inspiration for Ariel was Alyssa Milano. The image of Milano, who was still in his teens at that time, is considered the inspiration for Ariel’s character. At that time Alyssa was playing in a comedy soap opera entitled Who’s The Boss. Big eyes, red hair, and Alyssa’s personality at that time really resembled Ariel.

  1. Conrad Veidt – Joker

DC Comics fans, especially the superhero Batman, are certainly familiar with the Joker. The Joker appears in the Batman film The Dark Knight, directed by Christopher Nolan. The crazy, fearless and unpredictable Joker is known to have no past.

Ok, that’s a glimpse of info about the Joker character. What and who was the inspiration for the formation of this Joker character? In the opinion of many people, the Joker character in DC Comics was inspired by the character Gwynplaine in the novel entitled The Man Who Laughed, by Victor Hugo. Gwynplaine in The Man Who Laughed is the son of a man sentenced to death for assaulting King James II. Gwynplaine who had to bear the sins of his father had surgery damage to his face. With the help of a doctor, the damage was repaired by mutilating him and forming a permanent smile on Gwynplaine’s face.

  1. Maurice Tillet – Shrek

In 2001, a cartoon called Shrek was shown. This cartoon depicts Shrek as an ugly monster who is rude, aloof, and doesn’t like human existence. Shrek is based on William Steig’s 1990 fairy tale of the same name.

Long before the creation of Shrek, namely in the 1940s, a wrestler named Maurice Tillet was popular. Tillet is a 1.7 meter tall wrestler who was born on October 23, 1903, Russia. Tillet’s body, his face is also ugly, very similar when times

  1. Helen Kane – Betty Boop

One of the famous cartoon characters in the past, Betty Boop, was created by Max Fleischer. In creating the character of Betty Boop, Fleischer was not alone, he was assisted by an animator named Grim Natwick. The cartoon character Betty Boop first appeared in 1930 in a cartoon called Dizzy Dishes.

This cartoon character was created by Fleischer and Natwick based on the character of Helen Kane. Kane himself is an actress and singer who was popular in the 1920s. Almost everything in Kane, exactly the same as what is in Betty Boop. Unfortunately, Kane doesn’t really like his portrayal in Betty Boop. Kane even reportedly sued the creator, Fleischer, along with Paramount Pictures in 1932.

  1. Paul Pfeiffer – Milhouse

The American Simpsons cartoon is arguably very popular. Filled with a myriad of cartoon characters, one of which we will discuss is Milhouse Van Houten. Milhouse is a boy with blue hair and glasses. The Milhouse character was created by Matt Groening. Groening himself said that the name Milhouse was taken from President Richard Nixon’s middle name.

Milhouse is very similar to the figure of Paul Pfeiffer who played in the film The Wonder Years. Pfeiffer is played by Josh Saviano. Saviano, who plays Paul Pfeiffer, is a former child artist who has now become an American lawyer. Minus the blue hair, Paul Pfeiffer’s character is very similar to Milhouse.

  1. Tom Cruise – Aladdin

As the name implies, Aladdin is a poor male character who is the main character in the cartoon called Aladdin. With the help of the genie found in the lamp he found, Aladdin was able to ask for many things from the genie. The character Aladdin and the film were created by Walt Disney Pictures.

If you look closely, Aladdin has an arrogant character and thick black eyebrows. Can you guess where this Aladdin came from? Yes, Aladdin is a character inspired by Hollywood actor Tom Cruise. Before creating the character Aladdin, Disney initially saw the figure of Michael J. Fox, but in the end they turned their choice to the young Tom Cruise who was seen as more attractive.

  1. Frank Fiegel – Popeye

Popeye is a very famous cartoon character. The creator of Popeye is Elzie Crisler Fresh. What sticks in people’s memories is, when Popeye eats spinach, his strength will increase many times over. And after that Popeye was able to beat his opponent, Brutus.

Elzie Crisler Fresh didn’t make Popeye’s character out of the blue. He was inspired by an actor named Frank ‘Rocky’ Fiegel. This man who was born January 27, 1868 is the inspiration for Elzie in creating the character of Popeye. Fiegel is strong, often gets into fights, smokes, has no teeth, and lastly, Fiegel is a child lover. Very similar to Popeye.

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