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World Famous Celebrities Who Have Mental Health Problems

World Famous Celebrities Who Have Mental Health Problems

The Joker movie, which was released in 2019, opened the eyes of people all over the world to how important mental health is. In addition to physical, it turns out that being mentally unhealthy or disturbed can also have an enormous impact on a person. A person can be moody, aloof, stressed, even worse can commit acts of violence on others and themselves. This mental disorder can be suffered by anyone, maybe even we ourselves without realizing it have a mental disorder. Famous people such as artists, singers, models, can also experience mental disorders. Some of them we will discuss below. These are the famous people who have problems with their mental health.

  • Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps is one of the brightest athletes in the sport of swimming. This American swimming athlete has collected 28 gold medals and various events. As an athlete, one could say he was a very successful swimmer. Until it turned out that he said that he had ADHD.

ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a mental disorder that causes a person to find it difficult to focus and has impulsive and hyperactive behavior. To overcome this, …


famous Cartoon Characters Inspired From Real Characters

From small children to adults, everyone loves cartoons. The funny characters and storylines are the reason why cartoons can be so interesting. To create a cartoon character, of course, it takes inspiration to create it. There are some famous cartoon characters that were created from several characters in real life.

  1. Harris Glenn Milstead ‘Divine’ – Ursula

For those of you who are not familiar with the Ursula cartoon character, this cartoon character is an evil character from the Disney cartoon, The Little Mermaid. This evil figure has the characteristics of a fat body. long white hair. and of course a face that emits an evil aura. Do you know where the inspiration for this cartoon character came from?

Ursula’s character in The Little Mermaid, who is female, was inspired by an American actor named Harris Glenn Milstead. Harry, who is known by the nickname Divine, was a famous actor in the early 70s. It was thanks to John Waters’ films Mondo Trasho and Pink Flamingos that Divine’s name became known.

  1. Robert Ripley – Elmer Fudd

Warner Bros. is a large American company that has created many cartoon characters. One of the most famous is Elmer Fudd. A hunter who has …

10 Famous Celebrities Died In A Car Accident

Driving any vehicle needs to be careful. By being careful it will reduce the possibility of accidents that can lead to death. But despite trying to be careful, the name of death can not be avoided. Accidents that lead to loss of life can target anyone, anywhere, and at any time. Even famous people such as celebrities, queens, actors, singers, even athletes can die in a car accident. In memory of his passing, here are the famous people who died in serious car accidents.

10 Famous Celebrities Died In A Car Accident

Ryan Dunn

There was one popular reality show in the 2000s called Jackass. Jackass is an American slapstick comedy show. Filled by many people, one of them is Ryan Matthew Dunn or who is usually called Ryan Dunn. Ryan Dunn himself is known as a stunt performer, television personality, actor, and comedian. Among other Jackass members, Ryan Dunn is known as a brave figure. He dared to do some crazy stunts that could threaten his safety.

In 2011, to be exact on June 20, Ryan Dunn had an accident. The accident was so fatal that Dunn died. At that time Dunn was driving a Porsche 911 and hit …

Habits That Can Damage the Heart

The liver is one of the important organs in our body. It has many functions, some of which are digestion, metabolism, elimination of toxins, and storing nutrients. If the liver is damaged, then the body will definitely experience problems. Therefore, do not let us do things that can endanger the health of the heart for a healthy future. To maintain a healthy liver, of course we must know what habits can worsen liver health so that we can avoid it. Here are some bad habits for the heart.

Lazy to leave the house

As much as possible to go out of the house once in a while to maintain health. Too lazy and prefer to stay at home can bring health problems. Those who are too lazy to leave the house and don’t get enough sunlight are likely to experience heart problems.

Sunlight can trigger the body to produce vitamin D. From several studies, sufficient vitamin D can help to prevent liver disease. For those who do not get enough sunlight, you can try taking vitamin D. Of course, you must first consult a doctor.

Fast Food

It’s hard to resist the temptation of fast food or fast food. There …

Tips for a Healthy and Happy Life

Everyone wants to earn and live a healthy and happy life. Healthy living not only allows you to carry out activities more smoothly and without obstacles, but can also make you feel happy. No matter what problems come, with a healthy physical, mental and mind condition, any problem can be solved. Therefore we need to find ways how to achieve a healthy and happy life. TahuPedia will discuss a number of tips that are easy to do.

Stop Smoking
Smoking is not good for health. There have been many studies that state the dangers of smoking to health. But still many people smoke this dangerous thing. Because smoking can threaten health, it is necessary to stop smoking for good.

To live a healthy life, it is necessary to do what is good for health and reduce what is bad. The bad thing is this smoking. The dangers of cigarettes are already listed on cigarette packs, it’s our choice whether we want to smoke or not. The effects of smoking are not felt in the near future but later in the future. Do not let you regret for neglecting your health.

Reduce Things That Can Make Stress
In life, there must …